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Randy Hardenbrook


Sunny days, grilling, nights by the fire… Spring is in full swing, but is your outdoor experience lacking? The soothing sounds of water falling against rock can enhance any landscape. Here is a pond-less waterfall we just installed and we would love to put one in your yard.

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Now Hiring!

CreationScapes LLC is currently hiring for the 2013 season! We currently have openings for all our divisions. We are seeking motivated individuals that are looking for a job in a fast paced, growing company. These are full time positions in the field, for detail oriented people, that require physical labor.

Core Capabilities:

  • Responsible and dependable
  • Effective communication skills (both verbal and written)
  • Team work
  • Attention to detail
  • Ethics and integrity


  • Valid Driver’s license and Insurable driving record
  • Effective communication skills – must be able to carry out verbal instructions, read plans, complete daily reports to office and/or customers
  • Experience in the landscaping industry preferred

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Gabriel Bromberg


Good Morning,
      Many of our customers ask if it is important to sharpen their mower blades. The answer is YES! We make it a part of our routine to sharpen the blades once a week, though some commercial outfits do it once a month.
     As a mechanic of lawn equipment for almost twenty years, you would be surprised at how much damage could be avoided by proper blade sharpening.
    The average homeowner should sharpen their blades at least twice a mowing season. This is beneficial in maintaining a healthy lawn as well as preventing wear and tear on the mower. A sharp blade not only provides a clean, even cut on turf, but also helps reduce the time it takes to mow the lawn.
     As a courtesy to any of our customers, CreationScapes will sharpen any of your blades for $5 each, or we will sharpen two of your blades free for a year after signing up for a new fertilization/lawn care package.



Barry Hensley


Good day to you all!!
      It's almost here! Spring is just around the corner and I am sure ready for it. Whether you are a DIYer or you have a lawn care provider, there are steps you can take now to promote a good start to the 2013 season.

1.) As soon as things start to thaw, pickup all debris (sticks, leaves,      etc.) in your lawn and landscape. This will allow plenty of      sunlight to warm the soil in the root zone to encourage growth,      and it is also one less thing you will have to do when spring truly      arrives.

2.) Try to refrain from walking on the lawn when there is heavy      frost on the ground, but if you need to do not travel over the same      area when walking on the turf. This helps keep damage to the turf      at a minimum.

3.) When possible, get all of your equipment (mowers, trimmers,      etc.) serviced and ready to go.

4.) Last but not least, call us for an estimate on any of our services.      We would enjoy speaking with you about what we have to offer to      help you with all your lawn/landscape needs.

- Barry


Randy Hardenbrook


Happy Valentines Day Everyone!
      I know that today is traditionally a day for cut flowers and roses. There are, however, plenty of alternatives that you can give that will last much longer.

      Forced bulbs are great for Valentine’s Day.  Bulbs, such as paper-whites and hyacinths, are highly fragrant and make excellent gifts that can be replanted in your landscape when spring arrives.


    Tropical plants are also a great gift. Many varieties, such as dracaena or snake plant, require little maintenance and are very resilient. Depending on the level of attention that can be provided, more exotic varieties such as orchids or gardenia can be kept happy.


Snake Plant

     Want an even bigger statement for the holiday? Give the gift of a CreationScapes gift certificate and we can install a beautiful landscape that will allow her to think of you long after the holiday.



Barry Hensley


Good day folks!
      We hope everyone is doing well & preparing for the upcoming months! I know some people like snow and cold temperatures and others dont! The truth is Ohio lawns need the snow & freezing temperatures for their dormant cycle! These weather conditions help kill overwintering insects & diseases that are very damaging in the following seasons.
        A warm winter without a significant deep freeze allows a lawn to start up too early in the spring. When this takes place, your property stands a VERY good chance of a poor growing season. So, with that said, “Hey Ohio, bring on the snow!”
      Remember, if you havent done this already, a heavy, dry fertilization application, high in nitrogen and pot ash, will help the lawn get a great start in the spring. This promotes winter food supply and development of the root system.

- Barry


Randy Hardenbrook


Hello Everyone,
       With Winter coming to a close, I know your landscape may have looked dull and uninviting as your perennials died back and your shrubs lost their leaves. However, an interesting winter landscape can be created by incorporating a few plants with winter interest.

Some may include:

Red Twig Dogwood
Beauty Berry

      These are great plants to use and provide interest all year, not only in the winter months!

Enjoy your season!

- Randy




Welcome to our new website!!
      All of us here at CreationScapes would like to wish you and your family a happy New Year! We are very excited for 2013 and we hope to see you throughout the seasons.

- The CreationScapes Team